What we do

Our aims and activities as a group will develop as we become more established, however, at the first meeting of the Cambridge Community Growing Group, members laid out the following aims of the Group:

  1. To champion community gardening and raise its profile
  2. To provide education about how and why we garden as a community
  3. To share ideas and knowledge
  4. To provide support to and advocate for Cambridge Community Gardeners
  5. To build a network of community gardens

To achieve these aims, the Group will:

  • Organise events and training for community gardeners in Cambridge
  • Widen the reach of community gardens locally through promoting their activities
  • Support campaigns to protect and expand green spaces and community gardens
  • Educate people on the benefits of community gardening

If you have other ideas for work the Cambridge Community Growing Group could support with, let us know via our Contact Us form.